Community and charitable groups?  We're happy to work with you on a voluntary basis within reason.

For all other jobs, we charge a very competitive rate.  Small jobs are welcome.  So if you want to talk website creation or technical computer challenges, come and chat!

There are 3 cost elements to a website, Domain Name Registration, Hosting of Website and Design/Install.

Domain Name -

Your domain name needs to be registered with an approved registrar.  A regular service provider used by us is Crazy Domains for Australian domains (, as they have a simple way to manage your domains and their charges are reasonable.

If you already have a domain name registered, then this is one cost out of the way already.  Alternatively, we can register one with the web hosting service provider.  Sometimes, depending on the domain name you want and the service provider chosen, this cost could be free as part of the package.  If you need assistance with this, then we're happy to guide you.

Website Hosting

This is where the web pages (html code files that someone like us writes), images and/or videos etc are stored.  We can recommend a hosting service provider for you, which will depend on what your website purpose is and who is your target audience.  There are cheap hosting packages available, but you get what you pay for.  We host with AUHost4U which is located in Australia (our primary audience) and their prices are reasonable.


We will setup a site for you that will be a basic site with content being totally manageable by you.  Depending where you end up hosting your website we will include a help document to assist you to manage your account.  We also supply a basic help document that will assist you to make updates to your content.  However, if required, we can provide ongoing support and advice.

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